I was overjoyed when my uncle handed me a Kodak Camera and said: “This is yours now”. I was seven in 1985, but my joy exceeded the joy of Armstrong when he walked the first steps of humanity on the moon. At that moment I owned what created joy and meaning in all my life.

Starting that day, I spiritually moved through the years and felt blessed every time I looked through the glass lens of my camera. It was a piece of crystal, which transferred with transparency the beauty of a country I lived through, the beauty of the most ancient countries of the world – Syria – where everything started.

Before 2011 and continually; I was travelling all around Syria capturing beauty from all of its countrysides and its cities with no boredom, there was nothing could hit me with boredom in all the beauty of Syria, especially for explorer photographer like me.
Then I stopped photographing, but the smiling faces of Syrian refugees children in Jordan and Turkey.

Nowadays; and starting with 2014 I went back to my hobby so my first pleasure, while I’m taking photos capturing the beauty of Germany, and feel like am thanking the Germans for welcoming me, while I’ve rejected by my home and its neighbours.

I’m an artist uses Nikon DSLR and smartphone to express my passion for light and colour through photography.

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